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Mining Expo 2013

2013 Mining Expo & Conference

Venue: Safari Hotel and Conference Centre

EXPO dates: 22 & 23 May 2013

EXPO times:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday, 23 May 2013 09:00 - 20:00
Exhibitors may enter the hall as from one hour prior to the EXPO opening times.
Entrance gates will close one hour prior to the close of the EXPO times.

EXPO objectives:

With this EXPO the Chamber of Mines would like to achieve the following objectives:

  • showcase the Namibian mining industry
  • showcase and discuss industry contributions to the Namibian economy/society
  • learn from experiences of mining leaders and meet industry experts
  • learn about the latest technology and developments in mining in Namibia
  • network and engage with stakeholders

The primary target markets for this exhibition are the Namibian Government, local and international mining companies, the public, investors and interest groups.
The event presents an ideal opportunity to those who wish to network with the industry and make face-to-face contact to identify new business prospects.

Exhibitor profiles:

The EXPO is open to all in the mining industry, as well as representatives who extensively supply to the mining industry. A company profile indicating the nature of business must accompany the booking form. Where a business is not obviously mining related, the organisers may request an additional motivation of participation. This will be duly considered and the final decision for participation is at the discretion of the EXPO organisers.


  • Selling of conflicting, offensive or non-related products will not be permitted at stands
  • Exhibitors will not be permitted to carry out activities or advertise their business in a manner that may impose on or disturb fellow exhibitors
  • Brand Exclusivity: The Namibian Mining EXPO organisers does not guarantee brand exclusivity to any of its exhibitors.
  • The organisers reserve the right to decline an exhibitor's participation
  • Payment deadlines for stands are not negotiable and must be strictly observed
  • No refunds will be issued in the event of cancellations

Dates & Times

Exhibitors' set-up / registration

  • Registration: A registration point will be set up at the entrance on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 07:00 - 14:00.
  • Late registration - Strictly by special arrangement with the Organisers.
  • Exhibitors, who do not comply with the above terms of participation, will be treated as ‚€œNo Shows‚€ and stands will be given away.
  • All stands should be done by 21 May at 20:00. The hall will be closed at 20:00 and no further construction of stands will be allowed. NO stands may be erected on the day of the EXPO.

Breakdown: Exhibitors can only break down their stands as from 20:00 on Thursday, 23 May 2013 or from 07:00 on Friday, 24 May 2013.

Stand rates, payment deadlines:

Stand rates for 2013 (per m2):

Chamber members - N$1,243
Non-members - N$1,430
International companies - N$1,644


Outside area price on request
*(prices exclude VAT, single stand = 9m2)

  • Smallest units available are 3x3 = 9 m2
  • Please note that the maximum number of stands allocated per exhibitor, will be four (4) stands.
  • Prices are per square meter and should therefore be multiplied by the unit you choose.
  • Stands may not be divided into smaller units.
  • Payment deadline is Friday, 16 April 2013. No refunds will be given for cancelled stands.

Banking details:

The Chamber of Mines of Namibia
Branch name: Windhoek Commercial Suite
Branch code: 280-172
Account number: 55507527453
Cheque account


Please ensure that your company name appears on the deposit slip. Proof of payment is required per fax (061 - 222638) or emailed to

Exhibition stands

A basic stand (3 x 3m2) comprises and includes the following:

  • Shell scheme
  • Lighting
  • 1 plug point per stand
  • 1 x table
  • 2 x chairs

Custom built stands / shell schemes

Exhibitors who wish to purchase individual panels, can contact any of the following suppliers:

    Francois Retief, / / Tel: +264 61 218 610
    Anlo van Geems, , Tel: +264 61 ‚€“ 227046 / Shop 27 (O), First floor, Old Power Station, Southern Industrial area, Windhoek
    Namukolo Mwangala,, Tel: +264 61 521014
    Riana Hamilton,, Cell : 081 284 7600, Fax: 088614136
    Andre Bok, / / Tel: +264 61 225 123

Furniture suppliers/rentals:

Exhibitors must provide their own furniture or order directly from the list of suppliers.

  • CATER HIRE PARTY PLUS: / Tel: +264 61 266 201 / Fax: +264 61 255 953
  • ADVENTURE CAMPING HIRE / RENT-A-SHADE: / Tel: +264 61 228 779 / Fax: +264 61

Plant rental:

  • RENT-A-GARDEN: Plant rentals and/or landscaping at your stand: Ingo Steidler, Cell: +264 81 122 7772 /
  • GREENLEAF: Plant rentals at your stand: Elsa de Waal, Cell: +264 81 128 0134 /

Exhibition access control:

Stand size - Max access allocation
9m2 stands - 4 people
18m2 stands - 6 people
27m2 stands - 6 people


The registration for exhibitors and co-exhibitors includes the following items:

  • Published basic information about the exhibitor
  • 5 assembly identification cards
  • exhibitors identification cards - depending on stand size above


Extras not included in stand rates:

  • Furniture rental - refer to list of separate suppliers
  • Built stands - refer to list of separate suppliers
  • Any customised alterations to the stand
  • Work permits
  • Additional exhibitor access, over and above the standard allocation
  • Plumbing, i.e. water connections, additional electrical requirements are not included (auxiliary services)
  • Communicate all auxiliary services to the organisers well in advance.

Complimentary parking

Limited exclusive parking for exhibitors will be provided.

Judging of exhibition stands:

Please indicate if you wish to be included in the stand judging.


The Organisers will provide general security. Security reserves the right to request exhibitors‚€™ identification cards. Should an exhibitor require additional security services, please arrange with the organisers. This will be for your own account. No other security company allowed.